Foster Care

Family Foster Care (FFC):
A service that is provided to assist youth that are placed in the custody of their local department of social services. The goal of family foster care is to provide a safe and nurturing home to the youth in care, while in partnership with DSS and birth families as we work towards reunification. Family foster care services provide ongoing support and monthly supervision to the foster

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parent and the youth placed in the home. Foster parents are equipped with 20 hours of training every 2 years to ensure that they are skilled and knowledgeable about the clients that are placed in their home. Foster parents are trained to work in partnership through Shared Parenting, as this provides the best reunification results.

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC):
A proven mental health service provided to a child in a family setting by specially trained foster parents. Children receiving this service typically have manageable behaviors with moderate behavioral and emotional needs. This services incorporates the following components: Maximum of 2 children may be placed in a home 24 hour crisis support is available Weekly in person contact Monthly Team Meetings On-going support and training Foster Care is a temporary way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents until they can be reunified with their family or guardian, or another suitable permanent living arrangement is made. The average length of stay for out-of-home placement is 3-6 months. If a child has been abused or neglected, exhibits maladaptive behaviors, engages in truancy or is in need of a safe, structured and caring environment, foster care is a viable option.

How to become a Foster Parent

All interested foster parents must complete an application including home study, financial, personal, medical, mental health assessment by our team of licensing professionals. Candidates must also:
• Be at least 21 years of age
• Have a High School Diploma/GED or display the ability to read and write.
• Complete 30 hours of pre-service training (MAPP Class)
• Complete 10 additional hours of therapeutic training
• Complete training in CPR/First Aid, Seizure Management, Medication

Administration, Blood Borne Pathogens, Alternatives to Restraints
• Participate in consumer specific and on-going comprehensive training programs as required
• Have a sustainable form of income
• Valid Driver’s License
• Pass a National background Check and SLED
• Pass a physical and obtain approval from your physician to perform foster care
• Attend school meetings, doctor’s appointments, court appearances and encourage participation in extracurricular activities for and with the children
• Have a compassionate heart
• Be able to provide transportation to ensure clients needs are met
• Pass a residential fire inspection for their home

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